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Do you manufacture in the United States?

Yes, at Storflex we manufacture all of our retail store fixtures in Corning, New York.

What is causing the increase in material costs?

Price increases are a result of scarcity of raw materials, labor, and high demand. Storflex has only modestly increased prices to offset increased labor and operating costs. The balance has been done by surcharges. This also allows us to reduce prices as costs come down.

How much does Storflex make on surcharges?

Surcharges are not a profit center and Storflex doesn't manage them as such. Surcharges are intended to cover increasing raw material costs associated. As these costs go down so to will the surcharge.

When do you calculate surcharges?

Surcharges are calculated quarterly in accordance with the CRU release.

Is steel the only problem within the supply chain?

Steel is not the only issue. Wood for back panels and other shelving accessories have long lead times and have been a problem in recent months.

What are the lead times for new orders?

Storflex is generally not quoting a firm lead-time. Each order is reviewed for the availability of material, labor, capacity, and transportation. When these four elements align, we will confirm a scheduled ship date. For customers looking for a general lead-time, we are currently quoting 18-20 weeks.

Do you sell used gondola shelving displays?

No. Since Storflex is a full line gondola shelving manufacturing facility, we do not provide used store fixtures.

Sales/Customer Service

How do I get in touch with a Sales Representative?

To reach a Sales Representative regarding Storflex products and services, please call us directly at (607) 695-4221 or contact us directly on our website.

Is there an order minimum?

Yes, Storflex has instituted a $25,000 order minimum value, before the surcharge. This is not to eliminate customers but to allow our factory floor to reduce setups and maximize output. We are encouraging customers to combine orders to help us be efficient when a single order is not greater than $25,000. Along with minimums we are also combining like sizes and colors to help accommodate as many customer deliveries as possible.

Where can I find more information regarding supply chain disruptions and actions being taken?

You can contact our customer service department. You can also visit this page to learn more about how Storflex is dealing with the current market conditions.

What do I do about shipping damages?

Shipping damage has increased at an unprecedented pace. When a product arrives from the factory ensure you review it for damage and note any damages with the driver before they leave. Please take pictures as well. This will help when filing a claim with the carrier. Once the driver leaves we have lost our opportunity to make a valid claim.

What is controlled order entry?

Controlled order entry is a process of reviewing each customer order with a focus on 4 basic elements. When there is a clear view that material availability is in alignment with labor resources, capacity, and transportation we will confirm a shipping date. Orders are not accepted until confirmed by your sales associate.

How do I check on the status of my order?

Currently, we are in the planning stages of building out our customer portal. In the meantime, you can contact our customer service department to get the latest information regarding your order.

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Walk-In Coolers

Walk In Cooler
Does Storflex Manufacture Walk-In Coolers and Freezers?

Yes, we manufacture all our walk-in coolers and freezers in Corning, New York.

Are your Walk-In Coolers Class 1 Rated?

Yes, all Storflex walk-in coolers are now Class 1 Rated. Our products feature the highest “R” value, best compressive strength, CFC free urethane foam, and no disposal problems.

Do you manufacture only standard sizes?

No, at Storflex, we can custom manufacture any walk-in cooler size. What this means is if your store has special requirements, we have a solution for it.